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Assurances, Costs and Image Rights

I feel it’s important for my clients to have access to details about the business side of our transaction. This way you have a clear understanding of what to expect, and to grasp the terms under which I work. Included here is an explanation of what you’re getting by hiring a professional photographer, my assurances, and an explanation of image rights.
What Are You Paying For?

Let’s define the worth of my services. What are you paying me for?


You employ my time, expertise and professional tools in the making of:

  • heirloom quality portraiture;
  • beautiful and tangible memories of your wedding and special life events;
  • display/exhibit quality artwork to hang in your home or business, or;
  • professional level images where a high degree of technical competence and quality is required.


Together, we design the mood, style and essence of the images. You then engage me to produce the desired artistic result captured in professional images.


I provide my time and labor, expertise, meticulous attention to detail and artistic technique in finishing your images and bringing them to the zenith of their full visual potential.


Producing high quality images takes skill, intense work and the right tools. Not everone can provide you this service. If anyone could, it would cost nothing.


That said, I have developed a general pricing schedule for most standard photography work. It is intended as a general guide or baseline.


Many photography jobs are not “standard”, however. I invite you to call me to discuss your photography requirements and budget. I will work hard to earn your business.

Standard Assurances
  • Your images will be pieces of art that you will be proud of.
  • A web sized, digital image of your portrait is included.
  • The photography can be accomplished in my studio or in a location of your selection.
  • If you choose a site other than the studio, I will provide professional lighting and equipment necessary to achieve the professional results you expect.
  • Rates are affordable and flexible enough to work within your budget.
  • There is a wide range of pricing options guaranteed to accommodate your budget.
  • I’ll go anywhere to a location of your selection.
  • My availability is flexible to work with your scheduling needs.
  • My service is courteous, and I listen to what you want.
  • Portraits are very high resolution and expertly retouched.
  • Portraits in large sizes are available.
  • Your images will be put on line in your own private gallery to review and to share with family and friends.
  • The printing process, from image capture to final product is a color calibrated, integrated system supervised by the actual photographer.
  • All prints are printed on the highest quality paper and are available from the smallest to the largest of sizes.
  • Only high quality, exhibition worthy, photographic papers are used for portraits.
  • A variety of customizable print packages is available.
  • All finishes, treatments, mounting and framing styles are available.
  • Custom mounting, matting and framing is available.
Image Rights

Standard Release of Rights to images you have purchased.


  • All of my images are copyrighted.
  • When you purchase images that I have created, I release all rights to the image, to you (alone), with the following exceptions:
  • You cannot sell the image, or a copy of the image, to anyone else. Only I can do that.
  • You cannot permit or allow anyone else to use the image, or a copy of the image, for any purpose, unless you obtain my consent first.
  • You cannot claim to be the maker of the image or a copy of the image. Only I can do that.
  • You can do anything else with the image, including duplicating it, in any form, as many times as you want.
  • Obviously, if you purchase my services to create images to be used by a third party as your agent, my consent for that use is provided to you, in writing.
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