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Individual & Group Portraits

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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos

Like it or not, your potential clients judge books by covers.

In the modern commercial world, having a unique and professional portrait is essential. Your potential clients are looking for someone they can trust. Someone who appears approachable and friendly, and a well-crafted photograph can deliver that message for you. Most executives and business owners today are able to provide quality images for news, marketing, public relations and online media.


Group portraits are great for collateral materials like brochures, websites, and are an essential for inclusion in press releases and business announcements. I can help you represent your business in the professional manner that your customers expect by providing portraits that convey the image that is consistent with your brand and business personality.

My Guarantees To You:

  • Highest Commercial Standards
  • Responsive to your Requirements
  • Budget Affordable
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Artfully composed individual or group portraits portraying the professionalism and competence of the organization’s personnel
  • Meticulous attention to your imagery requirements and directions
  • Flexibility in adapting to your schedule and ongoing operational needs.
  • Photography is rendered web or press ready in any required format or medium.
  • Reasonable prices with work accomplished within your budget framework
  • Continuous review of progress and product with you or your designee
  • Three methods to accommodate your convenience
    • In studio, scheduling managed to meet your needs.
    • Portable studio set up at your site
    • Environmental portraits using your personnel’s workspace
  • Cheerfully provided at no obligation or cost:
    • Consultation with you or your primary personnel to learn your goals and objectives.
    • Jointly determine best methods and strategies to achieve your photographic needs.
    • A reasonable estimate of cost based on required time and material.
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