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Journalistic, Training, Manuals & Litigation

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Sometimes business photography isn’t about making something beautiful, it’s about portraying it as accurately as possible. This is especially true with Journalistic Photography, Photography for Training and Manuals, and Litigation Photography. Having spent most of my career as a police photographer, I am especially good at capturing photos that show the truth of a subject with demanding detail.
Journalistic Photography

What is it, and why do I need it?


Photojournalistic techniques involve capturing images, either singularly or in a sequence, for the purpose of telling a story, or other narrative, with imagery.


Common uses of the technique include, but are not limited to, training, marketing, public relations or the recording of important processes, activities or events.


If there is a need to create a photojournalistic body of work please contact me to discuss how it can be accomplished.

Training & Manual Illustration

Photography is often critical to create imagery needed to augment a training curriculum or manuals.


My extensive background in delivering and managing training in law enforcement provides me with a solid understanding of the requirements and methods necessary to successfully produce imagery designed to achieve your goals.

Litigation & Liability

Litigation Preparation and Presentation


On occasion, there is a need for photography to either support testimony in civil matters or rebut testimony presented by another party.


Please note I am not discussing criminal matters here, just civil matters.


Liability Exposure Protection


Liability exposure protection may present the need to visually record physical conditions before or after a event.


Photography can play a large part in the processes of prevention or defense strategies.


It provides a graphical record of the conditions or physical state of the environment and the objects involved in the risk event.


I have the advantage of an extensive investigative background, understanding of the potential issues involved and the expertise to effectively capture images that clearly illustrate the facts involved.



If you are in need of Litigation or Liability Photography, my extensive background in conducting, supervising and reviewing investigations provides me with a solid expertise in understanding how to effectively accomplish that task.

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I Guarantee:

  • Production of exacting image quality to meet your most demanding requirements.
  • Understanding and use of specialized equipment and techniques required to capture accurate, undistorted images
  • Utilization of the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to deliver high quality, high resolution architectural images customized to your specific requirements. Use of best techniques to produce the photography you desire, on time and in the format required.
  • Photography is done with professional lighting techniques and high resolution cameras.
  • Images will be chromatically accurate, visually impressive, and impactful from a marketing perspective.
    Imagery that will highlight your product.
  • Large sized finished images are achievable.
    Reasonable prices with work accomplished within your budget framework
  • Continuous review of progress and product with you or your designee
  • Cheerfully provided at no obligation or cost:
    • Consultation with you or your primary personnel to learn your goals and objectives
    • Jointly determine best methods and strategies to achieve your photographic needs
    • A reasonable estimate of cost based on required time and material.