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Gift Cards

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Seasonal cards and announcements are made classically personal when they include an artful, meaningful and current portrait of the sender/s.


Together, we will plan the mood and style of the high quality and artful portrait of you, your family or group to make it illustrative of the message or announcement.

What You Get:

  • I will help you design a stylish and impressive card or announcement from a wide assortment of themes and templates.
  • I will take care of the printing and quality assurance of the finished product.
  • I will deliver the finished product to you when you want it.
  • Envelopes are always included.
  • All product is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.
  • I promise you a high quality product that you can be proud to send to those important to you at very affordable cost.
  • Portraits are very high resolution, expertly retouched, printed on the highest quality paper and expertly formatted into the design of your choosing.
  • Only high quality, exhibition worthy, photographic papers are used.
  • The printing process, from image capture to final product is a color calibrated, integrated system supervised by the actual photographer.
  • We can shoot the portrait in the studio or on any location you like.
  • If you choose a site other than the studio, I will provide professional lighting and equipment necessary to achieve the professional results you expect.
  • Rates are affordable and flexible enough to work within your budget.
  • I’ll go anywhere to a location of your selection.
  • My availability is flexible to work with your scheduling needs.
  • My service is courteous, and I listen to what you want.
  • Currently, there is a special pricing offer described here.
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