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Custom Prints

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“In this world, you get what you pay for.”~ Kurt Vonnegut

  • Many services come with a standard print collection, but all print packages are customizable.
  • My photographic process insures a superior print (or, as the quote says, you get what you pay for).
  • The capture of the image is done with color calibration tools to insure that the raw image is perfect in its capture of color and tone.
  • The development of the image occurs on my own system that is controlled by color calibration methods to insure perfect color replication.
  • The printing process is done on professional photographic papers on a professional photographic printer that is actually connected to and synched to the same system used to produce the image.
  • The printer is calibrated to emulate the same color as that developed and displayed on the development system.
  • Only exhibition quality photographic papers are used to insure excellent color reproduction and the highest quality reproduction of the original image.
Basic Print Costs
Prints Price
5x4 $0.68
4x6 $0.80
5x7 $1.15
5x10 $1.65
8x10 $3.08
14x11 $8.10
20x16 $12.25
36 Wallets $3.60
  • Only high quality, acid free materials are used.
  • Your print is hand crafted, one at a time.
  • The printing is personally supervised by the actual photographer (me).
  • The entire process is personally managed by me to ensure the highest quality control and assurance that you receive a print that meets all of your expectations.
  • For the products that I do not print, myself, I partner with several of the top photo labs who share my commitment to excellence.
  • It’s a different process than the mass production of prints done by large stores and designed to print large numbers of snapshots for the general consumer.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • I offer print prices that are comparable to Costco, but:
    • I guarantee the color is perfect, every time
    • Your printing is done by an expert,
    • On the same system your image was developed on
    • You don’t have to drive there to deliver or pick them up
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