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Product Photo Illustration

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“The truth of the story lies in the details.” ~ Paul Auster

More often than not, your customers “touch” your product for the first time through a photograph.


So that photo needs to contain detail and texture, all of the elements that make the consumer appreciate the quality of what you sell. I capture this detail in small products, large products, or any unique product. You’ve seen the difference between good product photography and snapshots – going with a professional photographer drastically increases your chances of impressing your customers.

I Guarantee:

  • Highest Commercial Standards
  • Responsive to your Requirements
  • Budget Affordable
  • Turnkey solution to getting the images you want to appear in any media.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and your imagery requirements.
  • Utilization of the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to deliver high quality, high resolution product images customized to your specific requirements
  • Product photography can be done in studio or accomplished on site, if necessary.
  • On time
  • In the format required
  • Use of best techniques to produce the photography you desire.
  • Photography is done with professional lighting techniques and high resolution cameras.
  • Images will be chromatically accurate, visually impressive, and impactful from a marketing perspective.
  • Imagery that will highlight your product.
  • Large sized finished images are achievable.
  • Reasonable prices with work accomplished within your budget framework.
  • Continuous review of progress and product with you or your designee.
  • Cheerfully provided at no obligation or cost:
    • Consultation with you or your primary personnel to learn your goals and objectives
    • Jointly determine best methods and strategies to achieve your photographic needs
    • A reasonable estimate of cost based on required time and material.
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