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Wedding & Engagement

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“Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale ~ Anonymous

Your wedding is the celebration of your own fairy tale.


Wedding images capture those fleeting instances of time that will narrate the story of your celebration. Every story has a beginning and an end. My style of photography is designed to capture images that tell your love story in a natural and chronological art form. The purpose of the imagery is to artfully narrate and preserve the experience of your wedding celebration. The emphasis of my photography is on the pure spontaneity, excitement and happiness of the celebration, as it unfolds, from beginning to end.


Even though there are customary and traditional shots that are captured in all wedding ceremonies, my mission is to capture your memories of your matrimonial excitement in a natural and unscripted style.


I want you to concentrate on reveling in the excitement of the celebration of your love story and completely forget that I am concentrating on capturing your memories, in images, of those joyful moments. Those images will be woven together into the fabric of an artistic visual narrative which preserves your memories for posterity.


Your visual love story can begin with an engagement session and can include all the important events preceding your wedding celebration. What is most important is that your imagery depicts and preserves the excitement of your ceremonial experience.


What I offer you is the creation of images that are both an art form and a poignant storybook of one of the most joyous events in your life. The memories of which are preserved for your frequent re-visitation and sharing with your children and grand children.

My Guarantees To You:

  • Beautiful, artistic images capturing all the joy of your celebration.
  • Option of images loaded on a new iPad and/or traditional Flush Mount album (the iPad will be the very latest model and brand new).
  • Wedding photography done in the style you want.
  • Customizable packages.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • All images are high resolution.
  • Multiple photography locations.
  • Engagement and Boudoir photography sessions are included if desired.
  • Professionally printed 20 x16 portrait is included
  • Customized Guest Album is included
  • Customized Save the Date cards are included
  • Customized Thank You Cards are included
  • Customized, professionally produced digital slide show of your engagement and wedding is included on USB drive.
  • A personal, private online gallery is included that you can share with family and friends.
  • A complete selection of all wedding imagery accessories.
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